I Already Won

It feels tremendous, if I’m being frank. Plugging back into the game this morning, I felt a sense of thrill in being trapped in my body. This is me. I am. Knowing this leaves me feeling boundless. There’s a huge contrast I see when I see the lives of other men unfold. These adversaries of sorts, the ones who’ve wished to fill my shoes with their feet, have all witnessed my story unfold. They watch from a distance, like Sting from the rafters of the old WCW, with their faces painted in the stress associated with wanting what I have, but being too late to ever earn it. This train has been in motion for over 25 years, and quite honestly, you could never catch up. The most you could do is read about it, or watch the cryptic messages I post on social media, leading up to the unveiling of this new world order that I’m creating. The dots that I continue to connect are like stars in the sky, arranging the constellations that my imagination has manifested. As the feeling of new fabric graces my skin, and the sweet smell of victory lingers in the air, I’m reminded that there is only one me. I already won. There is no such thing as a story without time, and as I continue to decorate the time I’ve been given in this world, every second now seems celebratory. God sees me, and is rewarding me for a lifetime of hard work.

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