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Back in NJ, I met up with Brittany again for another audition. This time, I couldn’t help but voice my concerns about the situation. “What are they getting out of this? Are you asking questions?” The looming feeling that something was happening under the table made it difficult to enjoy the experience. However, being in Brittany’s company made me feel like a celebrity, which helped boost my declining confidence. As the truth of the situation began to reveal itself, the conditions of her participation in this venture featured a perpetuity clause, essentially guaranteeing the “signing over of her soul” to the gentlemen behind this plan. After weighing the options long and hard, Brittany decided to opt-out of the opportunity and, in the process, thanked me for helping her see clearly what could have been a catastrophic situation for her to be in. As our shared love for the industry brought us closer, I decided to take a stab at starting a new venture, using my connections with ReverbNation as a launching pad. Hot New Music Videos would be a brand featuring independent talent, and with high hopes ahead of us, the prospect of achieving success independently drove our motives. The initial steps were challenging but invigorating. Together, we brainstormed ideas, reached out to artists, and started building a platform for showcasing their work. With each passing day, our passion for the project grew stronger, and the thought of being able to make a difference in the lives of independent artists fueled us to work harder.

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