You can’t rush God. Everything happens on His time, as was proven yesterday during a meeting that seemed years in the making. After spending my morning shopping in the boroughs, I received a text from a friend and colleague: an invitation to the studio space that would become the new “headquarters” of sorts. For the longest time, I worked solo, always complaining internally about the lack of vision I would find from surrounding partners. But yesterday, everything made sense the moment I sat down with the master of his craft. For hours, we combed through footage and poured our thoughts out to each other in reference to the empire we were surely building. One right move could drastically change both of our lives, and it seems as though what we both brought to the table was exactly what the other needed. Whether that’s divine intervention or just sheer luck, the fact that the universe put us both in the same room, after years of talking about it, just showed me that it was time for those steps to be taken. What would you do if you had all the power you needed in your own hands? If the quality accepted in places like Hollywood were something you held in your back pocket? We’re not strangers to the process of creation, but together, we could move mountains. As I stared at the dual screens against the wall in disbelief, understanding that the spotlight I spent my entire life chasing was now well within the control of our collective duo, I came to the realization that “He” finally opened the door. The universal principles associated with my existence in this realm have not been lost on me, and in fact, weigh more heavily on me by the day. It’s because of my knowledge of self that I’ve become hyper-aware of the steps being taken and the direction in which they are leading me. So regardless of whatever religion you’re a part of or whatever God you believe in, this universal force is propelling me somewhere that most people will never see or experience in their lives, and with that comes a responsibility that I don’t wish on anyone: to follow through by any means necessary.

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