A longtime client of Purfek Storm Group, Ky-Mani Marley, would start making regular appearances in my life. After meeting at the old Wall Street office, my presence became almost expected every time Ky-Mani came around. Long before cannabis was legalized in New York City, Ky-Mani would gracefully walk through a crowd of police officers, joint in hand, and enjoy all the perks of being royalty. Things were no different now. Storm and I would head to an office space somewhere in the city where Ky-Mani waited alongside other Purfek Stormers. We’d take photos for his upcoming press run, and I basked in the opportunity to be captured alongside him. Here I was, a Puerto Rican from the projects of Bushwick, Brooklyn, standing next to a Marley. At moments, life seemed surreal, but those moments were short-lived as my behind-the-scenes responsibilities made it difficult to ever fully embrace my role as a talent. Standing next to Ky-Mani, I would be lightyears away from where this man was in his life and career, and I used his presence as motivation. He treated me like family, and through Purfek Storm, I was. This tight-knit group of people was carving out their space in the world of entertainment, and I was just happy to be there. As the day wound down, and the laughs that filled the photography space faded into the sound of wind, I waited patiently for the photo we took, knowing that back home in Brooklyn, people would be pleased to see the progress I was making within the industry.

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