We were constantly looking for new ways to promote our brand. We wanted to reach as many people as possible, and we knew that we had to be creative to do it. That’s when we came up with the idea to print a box of Bud and Roach Show stickers and start placing them all over the city. We started with the bodegas in our neighborhood, hoping that the owners would be willing to help us out. To our surprise, they were more than happy to let us put our stickers on their windows and doors. They liked the show, and they wanted to support us in any way they could. We were thrilled to see our brand staring back at us every time we walked into a store for beer or a snack. From there, we expanded our reach to other parts of the city. We placed stickers on light poles, trains, and anywhere else we thought people would see them. It was all about knowing that our brand was out there, getting stronger every day. We started to get recognized by people on the street, who would stop us and say, “Hey, you’re the guys from the Bud and Roach Show!” It was an incredible feeling to see the support we were getting from our community. The hood was getting behind us, and we were proud to represent them on our show. We knew that we were onto something special, and we were determined to take our brand to the next level. Looking back on those days, I realize that the Bud and Roach Show stickers were just the beginning. They were a small part of a much larger plan to dominate the city and beyond. But they were a crucial part of our early success, and I’ll always be grateful for the excitement of seeing our logo all over the city. Anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the work and be creative. And that’s exactly what we did, every single day.

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