Graduating Class

Things are changing quickly. Internally, I’m just in a different space. I find my body is healing from the decades of abuse I’ve put it through, and I can feel my spirit being cleansed in ways I have never felt before. My boundaries have kept me safe from the world at large, and with my focus on the one thing that could change it all for me, I’ve been consistently inching my way toward a better life. My aspirations remain a priority, although my pursuit of riches is no longer connected to the idea of fame. You see, fame is purchased. It’s advertising dollars that I’ve yet to spend, and in today’s market, I’m far past the point of wishing and hoping to go viral. This is a game of chess, not checkers, and every move I have ever made across this board has put me in a position to win; and win big. I’m cashing in. I’m loading up. I’m no longer taking chances, but instead am holding the steering wheel, and guiding this journey with my own two hands. Am I tired? Absolutely. Every day, I find myself feeling more and more drained. But it is my resilience that is setting me apart from everything and everyone around me. I can see things clearly, and with nothing to cloud my vision, my focus remains sharp and tactful, taking each step forward with a sense of confidence and purpose. I made a big move for myself recently, and as part of this graduating class, I sit inside of a studio right now, with the lights off, staring at the bright light coming from this laptop. The soft hum of the air conditioner keeps the company of the clicks and clacks coming from my keyboard. I can smell the money, and the freedom that it brings. I have no doubts. Not in myself, and not in God. This is really happening, and I couldn’t have thought of a better story to tell than my own.

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