My feet trace the path of my daily routines, and my footsteps provide the soundtrack to my journey. I find myself constantly on the move, deep in reflection over what has happened, and what is happening, to me. The echoes of a previous life have often plagued my psyche, and in those moments, I remind myself of the absolute truth. Living a life of no boundaries, I had allowed discontent to become the standard, and brushed off any disrespect as a mere part of the circumstance; a circumstance that I myself created. I’ve come to understand the power of boundaries, and how they directly tie into one’s self-respect. So in looking at the reality of the situation, I couldn’t be more happier to have been distanced from it all. Long walks alone no longer seem gloomy, and serve as a therapy for both my body and mind. The feeling of new sneakers on my feet remind me that the progress I’ve made has distanced me from the days of nothingness, and the dark clouds that had once hung high above my head have since cleared away, finding themselves new pastures to torment. Daily video calls with my daughter keep me motivated, and I use every second as an attempt to breathe life into her from afar, counting down the days until she’s with me again. With multiple deals pending, I continue to do my best in organizing my thoughts, and not allowing myself to become consumed with distractions. The marathon has continued without pause, and will continue to do so as long as I’m breathing. This life that I’ve been given, and all that it comes with, has not been manifested without great appreciation. I understand that something is happening in my life that doesn’t happen to the average person. This understanding allows me to see blessings in both the good and bad that I’ve experienced, and keep my vibrations high enough to continue my link to the power above, and within. I had once thought that I lost it all, until I saw what was waiting for me. For this, I am blessed beyond belief.

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