FirstLive Is Back

It had been a few weeks since the disastrous “K-Rock Chronicles” performance, and my ego was still nursing its wounds. Despite the setback, things with the Bud and Roach Show continued to chug along, our podcasting channels experiencing a newfound level of consistency. It was during this time that the universe seemed to throw me a lifeline. I remember the moment vividly. I was sitting in my living room, listening to the latest mix of our show when my phone buzzed with a new message. I glanced down, expecting to see another text from Alonzo or a random update, but to my surprise, it was Danny Garcia. My heart leapt as I quickly opened the message, the anticipation building in my chest. “Hey Alex,” Danny’s message began, “I’ve got some great news. FirstLive CoffeeHouse is reopening its doors. You ready?” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This was exactly the opportunity I needed to bounce back and prove to myself and everyone else that I still had it in me. My depression, which had been gnawing at me since the “K-Rock Chronicles” fiasco, was suddenly lifted, replaced by an overwhelming sense of gratitude and determination. I knew I had to share the news with Alonzo right away. I dialed his number with shaky hands, my heart pounding in my chest. When he answered, I could barely contain my excitement. “Alonzo, man, you won’t believe what just happened,” I blurted out, my voice trembling with excitement. “Danny just texted me. FirstLive CoffeeHouse is reopening, and they want us back!” Alonzo’s infectious laughter matched my enthusiasm. Over the next couple of days, Alonzo and I dove headfirst into preparations for our triumphant return as hosts of “Good Morning Bushwick”. We brainstormed ideas, fine-tuned segments, and updated our presentation. Our renewed sense of purpose and passion fueled our every move, and we could feel the momentum building as the date of our first show drew closer.

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