Finding An Even Flow

My new “relationship” got turbulent relatively fast, and I found comfort in the moments that we were actively “taking a break”. Morning View would play a show at Even Flow, a bar in Bay Shore, Long Island, that would take my ego to the next level. On a night when I didn’t have the pressure of someone in the crowd introducing themselves as the singer’s girlfriend, I would experience a new kind of worship. As the band loaded in equipment, the attractive bartender would mistake me for a “roadie”, assuming my position in the band was as behind-the-scenes support. Simultaneously, another attractive woman walked into venue with her family, and directly approached me at the bar. “Are you Alex Montanez?”. Shocked, I said, “Yeah, who’s asking?”. She proceeded to tell me that she saw videos of Morning View online, and had come specifically to hear me sing. I smiled, chugged my beer, and made my way to the stage. The long set begins, and I watched as the bartender who previously mistook me for “the help” stared in amazement as I sang her favorite Incubus tunes. A collective of beautiful people, bringing open Heinekens to the stage one by one, uttering their requests. As the show winded down, I ended my night at the bartender’s house, and while the details of what happened next will forever remain between us, the feeling of being recognized that night left me feeling more drunk than the alcohol itself. People were watching. People were taking notice to what I can do. I was on my way to the top, or at least that’s what I told myself.

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