A sense of anticipation hung in the air as the digits on the phone screen dialed up Nick’s number. As I prepared for my return to The Subjective Perspective Show, a rush of nostalgia swept over me, bringing with it a cocktail of emotions. The following day, I’d be retracing steps taken on a path etched with moments that defined my life, my career, and my recovery. It was a journey filled with memories of Bud and Roach, the inception of Dominate The Globe, the creation of “Change Your Mind”, and a plethora of experiences woven together under the vast umbrella of Global Domination Productions. When Nick’s face appeared on the screen, it felt like no time had passed at all, yet simultaneously, it felt like a lifetime had gone by. His energy pulsed through the screen, radiating warmth and a sense of grounding that permeated the digital barrier. There was a time when such vitality seemed so far out of my reach, buried under the weight of my own addiction. But Nick was living proof that sobriety did not only mean survival, but flourishing. His success as a college professor and motivational speaker was inspirational, an accolade I once believed only a fantasy for someone like me. But sobriety had introduced me to the possibility of achieving what I once deemed impossible. Our shared respect reverberated through the digital medium, affirming each other’s contributions and influence, our bonds strengthened by our individual and shared histories. The conversation was liberating, his words providing nourishment that fortified my resolve and calmed my anxiety about returning to the show. I found myself riding the wave of Nick’s enthusiasm, a strong current pushing me towards the future while grounding me in the present. It was a reminder of how my path had twisted and turned over the past decade; through the highs and lows, triumphs and failures, towards this moment of introspection and clarity. It hit me then, a revelation like a light piercing through the darkness. Dreams were not just individual desires, they were collective aspirations. We dreamt as a team, as a family. Sobriety had revealed this truth to me, washed away the myopic, self-centered haze of alcoholism. My old ego-driven quest for personal glory had led me down a path that was destructive, alienating, and painfully lonely. As our call wrapped up, Nick’s final words rang through the silence, echoing in the caverns of my mind, “Dude, you’re King Roach. You did this.” A surge of gratitude washed over me, grounding me in the reality of my accomplishments and the journey that led me here. Here I was, standing at the precipice of a new chapter in my life, surrounded by those I loved, who loved me, who believed in me. It felt like a homecoming. I was where I needed to be, with the people who were meant to be in my life. It was an overwhelming sensation of being connected, of being a part of something larger than myself. A sensation that was humbling, fulfilling, and beautifully empowering all at once.

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