After a successful start to 2013 with an interview featuring battle rap legend Cortez, I was ready for more collaborations in the music industry. My brother and I were introduced to Cortez and his crew at a studio on Metropolitan, where we immediately connected over our shared love for music. The night ended with us showcasing some of our music on the ride home, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Cortez is a prominent figure in the battle rap scene and was featured in the very first SMACK URL DVD, one of only two DVDs my brother and I had in the old basement. So, having him over at my house to record his verse on the Bodysnatchers record, Want You Now, was an incredible moment for me. I felt like I was on top of the world. Collaborating with someone I considered a celebrity made my ego grow, but it also pushed me to work harder and strive for more. Cortez’s talent and passion for music were infectious, and I was inspired to make the best music possible. Working alongside someone I admired made me realize that anything was possible if I put in the work. But it wasn’t just about the music. The experience also taught me the value of collaboration and the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. The lessons I learned from collaborating with Cortez continue to guide me to this day.

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