Waking up early this morning, I laid in bed thinking about my life. I’ve come to the realization that there are two types of situations that act as the fork in the road of my attention: the constants and the variables. Variables, more often than not, are the construct of my emotional health on any given day. Having a history of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I tend to allow my emotions to dictate how I live each day, and what about each day garners the most focus. I could spend an eternity wallowing in the “what ifs” of my life, which in turn cripples my ability to move effectively. But looking back, there has been one constant in my life, which in many ways has laid down the foundation for my emotional well-being, thus affecting my variables. This constant has been my pursuit of success. Every decision that I’ve ever made, even down to whether I engage in combat with complete strangers, has kept my pursuit of success at the forefront. I was never willing to jeopardize the opportunity I was given by the universe in allowing me to be who I am, and to have the opportunities in front of me that could change the trajectory of my life and those I love. Each day I awake, I try my best to keep my focus on the constant, as in solving this lifelong issue, I feel the variables in my life would drastically change. How I feel about myself. How others feel about me. How my ability to provide will affect those I love dearly, and how they would use the opportunities I give them to manifest their dreams as well. But all of this does not come without suffering; suffering that I’m willing to bear for the betterment of my empire. Heavy wears the crown on my head, and with 8+ billion people on this planet, there is no one better equipped for this job than me. Nobody can wear my shoes, and those who try, find their feet swimming in space. I need to stay focused on what I’m doing. I can no longer allow the things that I can’t control, to control me. What’s always worked was the path, and my footsteps remain steady, moving forward toward the light that awaits me.

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