Coding In Waves

The morning sunlight streamed through the window, casting a golden glow across the room as I sat in front of my multiple computer screens. The gentle hum of meditation music filled the air, wrapping around me like a comforting blanket. It was my daily ritual, a way to keep my thoughts aligned and focused, allowing me to navigate the labyrinth of creativity and productivity. In the past, I had brushed off the signs and synchronicities that whispered of something greater than myself. But now, with clarity coursing through my veins, I couldn’t ignore the undeniable presence of a higher power. Whether it be called God, the universe, or the “most high,” it was undeniably real. I had experienced glimpses of it during my journeys with DMT and other psychedelics, but it was the everyday occurrences that reaffirmed its existence. Lost in the rhythmic ebb and flow of the music, I contemplated the profound impact sobriety had on my life. No longer numbing myself with alcohol, I had to confront my ADHD head-on. With a clear mind, I recognized the patterns and tendencies that had once eluded me. The chaos and speed of my thoughts had been a whirlwind, but now, with my thoughts organized like grains of sand aligning to different frequencies, I found a newfound sense of peace. My day was dedicated to organizing the virtual reality experiences that would soon be launched under the GDPTV umbrella. The potential for anonymity through Voxels fascinated me, and I took pride in creating a space where people in recovery could find solace and adventure from the comfort of their homes. As I delved deeper into the task, however, the enormity of the workload threatened to overwhelm me. Feeling a sense of panic rising within, I instinctively knew I needed a break. I stepped outside, my eyes squinting against the sunlight. Looking up to the vast expanse of the sky, I felt a surge of inspiration coursing through me. It was as if the universe had bestowed a gift upon me—a brilliant idea that would instantly alleviate my workload. It was a reminder that I was not alone in this journey, that there was a guiding force at play, whispering its wisdom into my soul. Grateful for the continuous blessings that sobriety had brought, I marveled at the intricate dance of life unfolding before me. The delicate balance between effort and surrender, between inspiration and action, became clearer with each passing day. The universe, in its infinite wisdom, had provided me with the tools and opportunities to forge my path. As I returned to my screens, renewed with purpose, I knew that I was becoming who I was meant to be. With every step, every idea, every moment of enlightenment, I expressed my gratitude to the universe. It had guided me through the darkness, transforming my existence into a symphony of possibility.

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