Climbing The Castle

Cheez started making regular visits, and we would often look for places around the area to clear our minds. Being from Brooklyn, New York, waking up to deer on the front lawn was something I had not yet gotten accustomed to, and there were moments where the silence outside was deafening. I had grown comfortable with the sounds of police sirens and drunk chatter, leaving me feeling restless every time I found myself alone in this mansion. We would find a nearby park, which, after walking further inside, revealed a series of castle-like forts built into miniature skyscrapers. Upon further inspection, a spiraling staircase would lead us to a room with multiple windows, exposing the beautiful vantage point from the top of this monument. Open to the public, we opted not to partake in any medicinal activities but made sure to take a few puffs before entering the space. I would reach the top, stare out into the trees, and imagine myself on tour, passing by thousands of screaming fans as I make my way to the biggest venue in each town. I thought of the green room and what I would include in my “rider” as an artist. “Cocoa Pebbles,” I muttered to myself as I laughed at the notion of being a bonafide celebrity. Nonetheless, reality and fantasy would often clash, and depression would begin to set in. I needed a drink to relieve my nerves, so we’d head to the liquor store before making our way back to the studio in Storm’s basement.

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