Days after the release of “Here Comes The Rain”, we’d finally dig into the package that Cheez had shipped to my house, featuring merchandise that he had hand-crafted under his brand name, Cheez’s House. As I eagerly ripped open the package, the contents revealed themselves. The package contained a variety of hats, each emblazoned with the distinctive Cheez’s House logo. The sight of those hats took me back to those early days when we were just starting our journey in the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship. Holding the merchandise in my hands, I couldn’t help but reflect on our shared history and growth as individuals. As blood relatives, Cheez had always been a part of my life, and we had seen each other through countless trials and tribulations. I hoped that my experiences and hardships had served as valuable lessons for him in his own journey. I looked over at my daughter, who was watching me with her big, curious eyes. With a smile, I handed her one of the hats and placed another on my head. Her face lit up with joy as she put on the hat and adjusted it to fit her small head. Together, we stood in front of the mirror, proudly wearing our Cheez’s House caps. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of us, capturing the moment for posterity. This photo would forever remind me of the incredible bond between my cousin and me, as well as the culmination of our hard work and determination. After taking the photo, my daughter and I set out for a leisurely walk through the neighborhood. Wearing our Cheez’s House hats, we were walking billboards for this exciting, growing brand. I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had played a part in my cousin’s success by designing the Cheez’s House website and helping to establish an e-commerce presence to take online orders. As we strolled through the streets, I marveled at how Cheez had leveraged his passion for gaming to propel his name and increase his following every day. The future was bright, and I was filled with anticipation for what lay ahead, not just for Cheez’s House, but for all the people I loved. The release of “Here Comes The Rain” had been a significant milestone, but there were many more adventures, challenges, and victories to come.

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