I couldn’t explain my obsession. Unless you share my vision, I will never make sense to you. You could never understand the self-inflicted suffering that I’ve endured, knowing that if I continued to put this dream of mine at the forefront of all my decision-making, then I would find the light that I sought at the end of the tunnel. I try my best to blend into society. I smile and nod, and say my good mornings and goodbyes. I shake hands with co-workers, and try to be kind to passerby’s in the street. But I know deep down in my core that I stand alone in this realm that I’ve created. This realm in which everyone in the world knows who I am, and I sit at the pinnacle of self-expression; the artist’s artist. The true embodiment of never giving up, no matter what. I remember when I first started this blog, and how I obsessively read and re-read my past, combing through the moments in my life that seem lightyears away from where I am today. I realize how little I read backwards these days, and how the present has consumed me in a way that is building the future that I want. I want the red carpets. I want the flashing lights. I want the cover of Rolling Stones, and when the world gets a taste of who I am at this very moment, the triple-album soon to be released on every major streaming platform, “RAW”, my declaration that I am Ready And Willing, then I will get back on stage, where I belong, and commence the next step in my domination of this globe. I can close my eyes and see the world in front of me, screaming my name, crying tears of joy for the privilege they feel in being in my presence. For whatever reason, I was born for this. Alex, the conquerer, was born for this.

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