Calling All The Shots

It seemed like the ultimate metaphor for where I am in my life right now. Sitting behind the production booth, I communicated with the camera team as I masterfully ran the boards on a live stream I had been contracted to work. These gigs were few and far between, but they paid very well, and I never passed up an opportunity to make some money while showcasing my production talent. “A cam hot. B cam hot”. A 7 hour live-stream turned into a privatized on-air performance, and the time flew by as I had come to enjoy the experience. It didn’t feel much like work, and because of this, I sat back and enjoyed the fact that I was worthy of such a position. You see, one of the things they don’t tell you is that regardless of every other soul that exists in this realm, whether it be loved ones, connections, adversaries, whomever, this will all begin and end with you. We’re taught that using phrases like “killing time” or “wasting time” should be common, when in fact, time is the most valuable asset you will ever have throughout your existence. I spend every moment of every day doing something that is connected to my bigger picture, and even in moments when you’d find me on a sidewalk smoking a cigarette and sipping on a coffee, believe that I am deep in thought. We live in a time where the world is consumed by distraction, and everyone is looking for any sort of escape from their own reality, all while never truly understanding the game that we are all in. The place that I go to when I dream is the same place that you go to when you dream, and it is just as real as the world we wake up inside. Understanding this fact, these universal laws that were taught to us by the powers that be are beyond misguided, and there is a hidden truth in all of this that could only be found by those seeking it. I couldn’t explain to you the things that I’ve seen, and even if I could, I doubt you could comprehend without a desire to see for yourself. The power that I have connected with is guiding me, and maybe one day, when you are ready to see, I will show you.

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