The day was familiar, as my routine had taken the shape of searching the digital abyss of the internet, looking for any remnant of my past to feature in the story I was planning to write. I’d become a professional time traveler, but in reality, I was just trying to make sense of everything that had led me to where I was now. The hours spent diving into my memories were heavy and tiring, but I found solace in knowing I was on the path to turning my darkest moments into lessons and motivation for others. My normal break came as a welcome relief from the emotional excavation. I grabbed my cup of coffee and made my way outside for a smoke. The city hummed around me, but I barely noticed it as I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, letting the smoke momentarily eclipse the weight of my thoughts. I took a few puffs before tossing the rest onto the street and made my way back inside the building. As I passed the mailboxes, I instinctively checked inside, not expecting anything, but there it was – a surprise waiting for me. It was a package from my friend Orette and his brand Butta Soft Apparel. These small moments reminded me that there are people in this world who truly believe in me, and although I don’t get to see them often, they have always found ways to extend their love and support. As I made my way back into the apartment, I tore open the packaging, excitement coursing through my veins. The scent of fresh fabric wafted up to my nose, and I couldn’t help but smile. Inside was a Butta Soft Apparel hoodie with the logo emblazoned on the front in bold white letters. The material was buttery smooth and warm – Orette had once again outdone himself. I slipped the hoodie on over my head, the fabric enveloping me in a reassuring hug. It was like wearing a suit of armor that could withstand any obstacle life threw at me. As I looked at myself in the mirror, the reflection of the logo glistening in the afternoon light, I wondered what my life would be like after my story was told. Would people understand? Could I ever experience the joy of being sponsored by a major brand? The things we used to discuss back in my days at Purfek Storm Group now seemed to be within my reach, and I wouldn’t let my financial situation or my past get in the way of knowing that I was on my way to superstardom. I stood there in my new hoodie, feeling like a million bucks, and thought about all the people who had believed in me throughout the years. It was for them – and for myself – that I would continue to push forward and work tirelessly on this journey.

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