The recognition I was getting online was slowly putting me in a trance. I spent my days secretly feeding the internet into my computer through Alonzo’s WiFi, and unbeknownst to my mom, was obsessively watching music videos on YouTube. I came across an “unreleased” version of “Wish You Were Here” by Incubus, which I had never seen before. As an Incubus fan, I’d familiarized myself with their entire discography, often watching DVDs of their work long before I would come face to face with ethernet speeds. The video featured the band recording the “Morning View” album, playing golf, surfing, etc. Before ever stepping foot on a New York City stage, I made the mistake of thinking I needed to leave the city to find true inspiration. So I quit my job, packed my things, and moved to Lakeland, Florida. This decision was met with a lot of resistance, but I felt “if Incubus is riding waves, then I need to ride waves.”. To this day, I have never gone surfing. Needless to say that maybe a town where the hot spot to be was Walmart wouldn’t be as inspirational as the streets of New York City. Nonetheless, I boarded the plane in search of a new beginning, remembering the “pop” that Bill and Ted received on the way.

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