Bright and Early

As the last days of June slipped away, July loomed on the horizon, and with it came a wave of responsibilities that beckoned my attention. The commitments I had made to appearances on various sobriety podcasts were steadily approaching, and it was time for me to put my vast array of equipment to good use. Waking up early in the morning, I felt a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. Gone were the days of confusion, replaced with a strong determination to face each task head-on. In the past, I had grown accustomed to “figuring it out” as I went along, shaping my path on a moment-to-moment basis. But now, with the transition of SPOTLIGHT to Purfek Storm’s official website, my direction became crystal clear. Although yesterday’s efforts in setting up the machinery to blast out Tweets to various accounts had been unsuccessful, I continued to work tirelessly, my mind focused on the empire that Purfek Storm Group was becoming. I encountered countless issues with Twitter’s API when trying to integrate a new account, resulting in my decision to step back from Twitter as a personality. The account underwent a rebranding, now reflecting the growing power of the company. The journey had its hurdles, but I knew that these were stepping stones on the road to greater triumphs. With school out for the summer, I cherished the time spent building connections with my daughter. My ability to travel might have been restricted, but my strong ties to Storm and my technological expertise kept me well integrated in the entertainment world. My contributions were making a difference, proving that when harnessed effectively, technology became our strongest ally. Sitting in front of multiple computer screens, the anticipation of tomorrow’s first podcast appearances for the #PutTheBottleDown tour electrified the air. A mix of excitement and nerves coursed through me, but deep down, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. Each moment, each decision, had led me to this point. I chose to savor this moment of anticipation, knowing that it was a culmination of all my experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

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