There’s a lingering presence that haunts me, remnants of the person I used to be when alcohol had a grip on my life. The voices that whispered doubt and despair always lurked in the background, but their influence was amplified when I held a drink in my hand. Even now, as I strive for sobriety, their echoes occasionally reverberate through my mind, leaving me in a perpetual state of confusion. It’s a constant battle, trying to find a balanced perspective on my existence. The ability to see the bigger picture eludes me, and I teeter between bouts of narcissism and overwhelming inadequacy. It’s as if I can’t find a healthy middle ground. I swing from one extreme to the other, oscillating between “I am destined to be the greatest” and “I am absolutely nothing.” I’ve developed a pattern of overcompensation, a desperate attempt to prove my worth. But this habit keeps me stuck at a lower frequency than I desire. My ADHD further complicates matters, making it challenging to find solace in meditation. To cope, I resort to blasting 369Hz frequencies through my headphones daily, hoping to quiet the chaotic noise within. As I reflect on my journey, I realize that SPOTLIGHT, my creation, would thrive within Purfek Storm Group, an established entertainment company. They possess the resources and infrastructure to harness the full potential of the machine I’ve built. Yet, I find myself grappling with regret for not pursuing this avenue earlier. The voice of ego whispers that I alone could have taken SPOTLIGHT to extraordinary heights, but deep down, I know that it takes a collective effort to create something truly remarkable. I must stop drowning myself in overwhelming responsibility. I am fortunate to have people like Storm, a guiding presence in my life, who extended their hand to rescue me from the depths of despair. Today, my focus lies in silencing the voices within, even those that sound uncannily like my own. Those are the most treacherous, for they feed into my doubts and fears. Trusting in the process becomes my guiding light through the storm, pun unintended. I must remain steadfast and keep my attention focused on what truly matters: building a fulfilling life for myself and my family.

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