Beginning Again

With limited shows booked, I found more time to focus on myself as an artist. Sitting in my bedroom with an acoustic guitar, I strummed chord after chord, crafting original songs that I would use in performances moving forward. Raised on covers, I had grown too accustomed to relying on the popularity of a song to draw in crowd appeal. I was a songwriter, and putting my craft on the shelf for cheap thrills had taken its toll on me. Never the greatest guitarist, I used simple methods of performance to get my ideas across, making it easy for anyone to follow along. My earliest days of guitar playing, featuring various covers of Nirvana, served as a guide stone in my approach to creating originals. The easier it was for someone to replicate the song, the more popular the song would be. As I spent my days and nights combing through the melodies that would sporadically enter my field of thought, I found myself becoming a fan of the work I was creating, thus convincing me that others would follow suit. Life, and my career, was beginning again, and I continued working, regardless of quality, recording the songs that would later become requests at my live shows.

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