Back At The Complex

The moment I received the call from my boy Tom, CEO of Industrial World Wrestling and T2T Wrestling Academy, my heart swelled with anticipation. I knew this would be a significant test of my newfound sobriety, stepping into an environment where drinks would flow and the air would be thick with the scent of alcohol. With a mixture of trepidation and excitement, I packed up my Lumix G7 and stabilizer, ready to document a night of thrilling live wrestling. As I made my way to the gym, I felt a twinge of nostalgia, reminiscing about the nights when I’d be the life of the party – beer in hand, mingling with fellow wrestling enthusiasts, and making the most of the events I attended. But tonight, I was determined to remain anchored in my sobriety and stay focused on the task at hand: capturing the students’ wrestling performances on camera. Upon arriving at The Complex, I could already sense the buzz of excitement filling the space. The young athletes were warming up, eager to showcase their talents inside the squared circle, while the crowd of supporters filed in, securing a profitable night for the academy. Despite the growing energy around me, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was out of place, a sober outsider in a world I used to navigate with ease. I retreated to a corner of the gym, diligently setting up my cameras for the multi-cam shoot. As I adjusted the stabilizer and checked the camera settings, the familiar feeling of invisibility began to wash over me. I missed the warmth and confidence that alcohol had once given me, that outspoken, flamboyant character who fit right in with the larger-than-life personalities of the wrestling industry. Without it, I was left with my own quiet introspection and a nagging feeling of doubt. However, I refused to let this internal struggle derail my mission for the night. I knew the T2T students were counting on me to capture their hard work and dedication. The eager faces of the audience members, the impressive athleticism of the wrestlers, and the indomitable spirit of the wrestling community as a whole. I took a deep breath, steadying myself and the camera, and resolved to remain present and focused throughout the evening. The first bell rang, signaling the beginning of the night’s events, and I pressed the record button, capturing the spectacle that unfolded before my lens. Though I may have felt out of place, my sobriety allowed me to experience the event in a whole new light, witnessing the passion and artistry of the wrestlers without the haze of intoxication. As I continued to record the matches, the weight of my previous doubts began to lift. Even without alcohol, I was still a part of this world, capturing its magic on film.

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