Alcohol on FM Radio

Storm and I would often sit in his kitchen and laugh at the things he could do. In flexing his power, he set me up with an interview live on FM radio in New Jersey. This was my first time on terrestrial radio since Alonzo and I co-hosted Pale Blue Light Radio on WWRL 1600AM, and this time it was about music. While “Alcohol” made its rounds online, I was given the opportunity to present the record to a local New Jersey audience, and I gladly made the most of it. Both Brenna and Cheez had made their way down to Storm’s house, and we collectively drove to the radio station. As we entered the building, I could feel my palms beginning to sweat. With all the experience I had live on the air, I was now out of my element, allowing someone else to dictate the tone and tempo of this live experience. I sat in the chair with the microphone to my face and waited patiently for the show to return from the commercial break. With Brenna by my side, I could feel how proud she was in that moment. It was a far cry from the days on Hart Street, and I had come a long way in my creative journey. Cheez, sitting in his car listening in, captured the moments when WGMS debuted “Alcohol” by King Roach live across the New Jersey territory. In the studio, Brenna and I held hands as the record played on the loudspeakers. Storm, waiting just outside the room, had taught me a valuable lesson that day, and showed me that with the right product, it could all be a push of the button.

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