Aint No Tellin

Last night, a piece of me perished that I can never reclaim. This piece of me, for good or ill, had seen it all until the final blow, as the faint glimmer that remained vanished when the cover had snapped shut, and the earth began to bury me. My soul soared above the soil, and gazed as vital memories of this human journey dissolved away, carrying to the next realm only the wisdom gained, and the purposes of which they serve. I know you’re reading this. Why wouldn’t you? Being such a key part of this ordeal, I’d only presume it’s out of sheer curiosity that you persist to peek into a world you shunned. But therein lies the boon and the bane. This will all conclude exactly how it commenced. You, lurking in the crowd, and me, on stage ruling it. I don’t resent you. I’ve learned to tolerate the conduct associated with human beings. But as I’ve told you many times over the years, I am not a human being. I do relish the human adventure, and all the perks of sensation and satisfaction. But I don’t function in the same domain as you. The typical person, when looking for new employment, would secure a position with a different company before handing in their notice of resignation. It appears as though this method works in other facets of life as well. I don’t blame anyone for being normal. After all, I’ve endured periods in my life where people I cherished, on their deathbed, mustered enough vigor to thank me for making life thrilling. For who I am, for what I am, I have forfeited more than anyone will ever fathom, and while the onlookers have hurled stones, spit in my face, and yelled shame, over and over, as I strolled through the streets of my existence, you of all people should realize that, in time, the whole fucking kingdom will be mine. And with all of my skills in marketing and presentations, I must remind you that this is, in fact, not a television show, nor is this your favorite book. This is a part of history. This occurred. And you, just like the rest of the world, will come to comprehend why even after all these years, I’m King Roach. Enjoy the show. Ain’t no tellin’ what’s next.

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