It was a rare occasion, to say the least. With my focus sharpening more on a daily basis, I’ve found myself in the middle of life-changing deals in the very industries that have been calling out to me for so many years. Storm and I would meet in New York City, at perhaps the fanciest hotel I had ever been inside of. Upon securing a suite, we settled in and began crafting the next stages in our plan to conquer the entertainment industry. With various film scripts written, my mind has been engulfed in the possibilities that lay ahead of me in this cinematic adventure. I’ve been on a mission, not just to take over the film industry, but to pave my own way, and create a lane for myself that will establish me as a powerhouse film producer and director. I’ve learned many lessons over the years, especially when working with other filmmakers, and witnessing their trials and tribulations. I took notice to everything that I would have done differently in each production, and brought that knowledge with me into this new era of filmmaking. I have all the tools at my disposal to connect with the world, and the feeling that would overcome me upon realizing that I’ve worked my way into the position that I’m in, within the industry, and within my life, is almost hard to put into words. After the meeting was over, I was left with a luxury suite, paid for in full, in the middle of Times Square. Feeling like a tourist in my own city, I hit the streets of New York, taking in the sights and sounds in increments, before making my way back into my solitude. Sitting there, staring at a lifestyle that I had been far removed from for too long, I began to understand why I was left there to myself. These things in life are obtainable. Luxury should be the standard, and there is nothing holding me back from being able to provide myself with everything I need, everything my family needs, in order to have the best quality of life possible.

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