A Storm Above Me

Living with Storm was an intriguing experience. Here I was, in the presence of a powerful man in the entertainment business, as an aspiring entertainer and producer. It seemed as though the opportunities were limitless, despite the challenges we faced. I had grown accustomed to the loud footsteps coming from the floor above, serving as a reminder that Storm was just upstairs. Every time I heard the thumping make its way to the front room where I worked, I knew I was in for an adventure of some sort. Everyday tasks would merge with the world of celebrity, and watching TMZ in the evening became a kind of ritual. We would watch shows on the small TV that hung in the kitchen, making references to the actors on screen with whom he had already conducted business. Suddenly, the TV was no longer just a distraction from my reality, it had become a part of it. The Purfek Storm Group leather jacket that I was gifted, which had survived my house fire, became a part of my uniform. The bad habits that consumed me were a constant reminder that I was human, and even when the world seemed to be within my grasp, I never stayed sober enough to get a good grip. Under Storm’s guidance, my name continued to grow, but the journey to the spotlight remained elusive, and in moments of solitude, I would tear up in frustration at the obstacles before me. Something had to give; I had to make something of myself.

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