A Quarter of a Million

As was my regular routine for the past few months, I’d wake up this morning, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and glancing over at the digital clock on the nightstand. The glowing green numbers read 6:00 AM, signaling the start of another day. Without hesitation, I’d slide out of the warm embrace of the bedsheets and immediately head toward my office area to open up Dominate The Globe. The faint smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen wafted into the living room, as I settled into my ergonomic chair, a constant reminder of how important it was to be comfortable while creating. This space had become my sanctuary, lined with shelves full of motivational books and memoirs, adorned with pictures and memorabilia from my journey so far. The large window provided an ample amount of natural light, casting a warm glow over my workspace, creating the perfect environment to write out this story as best I could. Curiosity would get the better of me, and as I wondered how many words I had written thus far, I opened the dashboard on WordPress to look up the site’s analytics. There it was, in the boldest of letters: 250,000 words, give or take. I couldn’t believe it. A sense of accomplishment washed over me as I stared at the number on the screen. 6 months ago, Dominate The Globe was an idea that seemed almost insurmountable. A quarter of a million words later, this tale of my life has taken on a whole new form, and the more I write, the more I want to give. The closer to present day I’m able to write about, the less distance there is in between posts. What started out as a mere summary of my earliest days – the dusty playgrounds of my childhood and the first sip of alcohol that set me on a self-destructive path – is now turning into a day by day account of my journey to success. The dark parts of my life, which once felt like a murky abyss filled with regrets and fear, are now beyond what I can see in the rearview mirror. As I focused on what’s ahead of me, I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, driving me full speed toward the life that I’ve worked for. No longer burdened by the shadows of my past, I am fueled by the promise of a brighter future. A future where my family is by my side, my company is thriving, and my artistic pursuits are recognized on a global scale.

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