A New Learning Experience

Balancing work, my marriage, and my creative pursuits while being a father was nothing short of a circus act. I was doing my best to juggle everything without spilling it all over. Bud and Roach Show kept me on my toes, and my love for music was creeping its way back to the forefront of my life. The stability that came with my family alleviated a lot of the stress and uncertainty that I felt about my career in entertainment, and I began to truly embrace my role as a producer, without the complaining that defined our early years in radio. I quickly started to realize that my daughter, Alenna, was very demanding of my time. It became a challenge to find the right balance between work and family. There were times when I’d find myself sitting in front of my computer, trying to get work done, as she tugged on my shirt in an attempt to get my attention. It was late one evening, and I was hunched over my computer in my dimly lit living room. As I focused on uploading the latest episodes of the Bud and Roach Show, I could feel Alenna’s presence behind me. Her little hands tugged at the hem of my shirt, gently but persistently, as she tried to gain my attention. I glanced over my shoulder to see her big, innocent eyes staring back at me, a silent plea for my time and affection. Her tiny frame was engulfed by the shadows, making her appear even smaller and more fragile. The weight of her need tugged at my heart, making it difficult to keep my focus on the task at hand. I continued editing, but my mind was constantly drawn to my daughter. Her innocent, persistent efforts to distract me were both endearing and frustrating. She’d dance around in the dim light, giggling softly, or play with her toys, occasionally tossing one in my direction, as if to see if I would join her in her games. The idea of being rich and famous had started to take on a whole new meaning for me. My priority was no longer the inflated ego that had driven me in my youth, but rather, providing for my family and giving them the life they deserved. I couldn’t help but wonder if all the time I was spending on my career was robbing my daughter of precious moments with her father.

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