A Different Lifetime

Over 500 days sober now, the taste of this new birth is as startling and precious as the first gasp of a newborn. Each moment of my life, through its ups and downs, now feels like a passage from a book I once read, all bound in the leather of my past existence; a different lifetime. These moments are vivid and tangible, yet they belong to a person I used to know; a version of myself that I now only see through the clear lens of sobriety. As I sit down to document another chapter for ‘Dominate The Globe’, I can’t help but marvel at the rarity of the perspective I’ve been granted. The perspective that enables me to dissect my life with a surgeon’s precision, and view the past through a pane of glass, untainted by the haze of alcohol that once clouded my judgment. An odd sensation of being chosen seeps into my thoughts. It dances on the edge of my ego, threatening to envelop me. It’s as though I’ve been handpicked for this path, plucked out of the turbulent sea of life, and placed on this solid ground. But deep down, I know it’s not just about luck, it’s about tenacity. I can still taste the despair of stagnation that once filled my mouth each morning, the sensation of drowning in a sea of purposelessness, flailing for a lifeline that seemed non-existent. The oppressive air of aimlessness that clung to me is still vivid in my memories, a sharp contrast to the energizing purpose that now courses through my veins. Yet, no one truly has it all figured out, do they? Each of us is on a unique journey, navigating the winding paths of life toward our dreams. It’s in cherishing each moment, each meticulous detail of the creative process that I have come to find solace. Time, my ally and constant companion, has sculpted me with its patient hands. Its relentless march has hammered away at my raw edges, transforming me into the refined version I am today. I yield to its wisdom, trusting its pace, knowing that every tick of the clock brings me closer to the zenith of my dreams.

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