A Day and A Dollar

The day I was booked for a production gig with FirstLive was a day full of anticipation and anxiety. My heart raced and my thoughts spiraled as I compulsively paced the living room of my apartment, trying to calm myself before the ride arrived. This feeling of nervousness was something I experienced every time I had to step out of the safety of my home. Yet, deep down, I knew that once I was on my way, my anxiety would subside, and my passion for live production would take over. The production van finally pulled up to my building, and I took a deep breath before boarding. As soon as I sat down amongst my team, I felt the anxiety melting away, replaced with excitement and determination. I filled them in on my journey with Dominate The Globe, sharing stories and future plans that were met with praise and enthusiasm. We talked about the event we were about to participate in, discussing the logistics and our expectations for the night ahead. Throughout my career, I had invested countless hours in learning OBS, developing a knowledge of production that I was incredibly proud of. It was this dedication and passion that led me to work on larger contracts like the one with FirstLive. The venue we arrived at was small, yet prestigious – an intimate space that carried an air of importance. The staff welcomed us warmly, allowing us to navigate freely throughout the space as we laid down cables and set up cameras, preparing to bring the event to life for a global audience online. After the setup was complete, I took my seat in the assigned chair, surrounded by the familiar hum of equipment. Looking at the intricate setup before me, I felt a sense of calm wash over me. I took out my phone and snapped a photo, capturing the moment to remind myself of the serenity and satisfaction I felt in this environment, hoping it would help soothe my anxiety for future gigs. Live production had always been in my blood, dating back to the earliest days of the Bud and Roach Show. I could still vividly recall the hours of meticulous pre-production work that went into making the live show possible. Now, here I was, with Danny Garcia trusting my knowledge and abilities, watching as I effortlessly swapped between PTZ camera angles, adjusting zooms and framing the perfect shots, all while running the switcher that controlled the live broadcast. Though the money was good, it was the knowledge that my skills were being utilized and appreciated that truly made this rainy New York City day worthwhile.

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