It was my second to last time inside of S. Street Media. I could feel the tension in the air, thick like molasses, as the days drew closer to when I would put my key on the table and walk out. I just couldn’t deal with running the production anymore. I knew I was at the bottom of the food chain when it came to money, yet it was painstakingly clear that the quality of work I was doing was vastly superior to most projects happening around me. I had absolute faith that my OBS Packs would make me millions and refused to be tied down to any one location, stuck in an endless cycle of commuting. On this particular night, just before the storm, I was engineering another live episode of A Bridge Podcast. I sat behind the computer, running the production, when suddenly, it began to dawn on me who the person sitting in front of me was. Having been seen as a viral meme across every social media platform, none other than actor Hassan Johnson was in-studio on a production I was running. As if a time machine had whisked me back to the past, I was immediately brought back to my days at Purfek Storm Group, where I provided visuals for Weekend Work on Shade45 every week. It had been a long time since I found myself in a broadcast setting near a celebrity, and it was a bittersweet moment. Having shed the huge ego I had during my time at Shade45, I took a photo with Hassan after the show ended. We talked for a bit about the production and what we were currently working on. It was a normal conversation, but it lit a fuse in me. It reminded me that the industry was everywhere, and it could happen at any time for me. I took the train home that night, just one week away from my final show at S. Street Media, and stared at the photo, my mind racing with possibilities. The train rattled along the tracks, casting flickering shadows on the photo as it swayed in my hand. The hum of conversation around me, the distant laughter of friends sharing a joke, and the faint tapping of someone typing on their phone all faded into the background as I lost myself in thought. I wondered where I would have been in my career if I hadn’t made the mistakes that I made. I wanted the money, and OBS Packs were my ticket to the bag. As the train continued its journey, the fluorescent lights above me seemed to cast a harsh spotlight on my dreams, amplifying the weight of my decisions. The photo on my phone served as both a reminder of the past and a catalyst for the future – a future where I would break free from the constraints of traditional media production and forge my own path towards success.

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