I sat down in the backyard of a relative’s Long Island home, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. The warm sun beating down on me did little to ease the ache in my heart. I picked up an ice-cold Heineken from the cooler, popped the top and took a long, deep swig. As I stared at the GoPro camera sitting on the patio table, I couldn’t help but feel defeated. My life had become a routine of drinking and waiting. I had lost my creative spark, my passion, and my drive. I had started carrying the GoPro with me everywhere I went, hoping for a moment that was worthy of sharing with the world. But day after day, all I saw was a beer and a dream. I felt as though I was becoming one of those people who tell their sob stories at the local bar as they get hammered in front of a new stranger every day. The only confidence I had within me was liquid, and I knew that wasn’t enough to sustain the show. I took another sip of my beer, feeling the cool liquid slide down my throat. I needed to find a way to break free from the monotony of my life. I needed to find my passion again. As I sat in the backyard, I realized that I needed to make a change. I needed to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, and try new things. I couldn’t continue living my life on autopilot, waiting for something exciting to happen. I took a deep breath and picked up the GoPro camera. I decided to film myself trying new things, exploring new places, and taking risks. I knew it was a risk to put myself out there, but I was willing to take it. I was taking control and living life on my own terms. And with the GoPro, I was going to share my journey with the world.

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