Just a day ago, I was sitting with Nick on his 10 year anniversary episode of The Subjective Perspective Show. The sensation was indescribable – like a bird’s first test of flight. An uncanny blend of terror and exhilaration. That feeling when the earth you’re used to firmly standing on disappears, and you’re thrust into the infinite expanse of the sky. The safety net was gone. I was free falling, a comet shooting through space, carried by the mighty wind of my ambition. Yet, despite the speed, my surroundings resembled a painstakingly orchestrated exhibition. Each element, each moment, so perfectly arranged. A synchronous dance between chaos and harmony. Like all the scattered pieces of my life had somehow begun to fall into place.Our discussion, our shared narrative, was a roller coaster of emotions and revelations that left me soaring in the clouds. The experience had been an open and cathartic examination of our journey, a spiritual cleansing that held me in its rapturous grip. My past seemed to retreat into the shadows, as the incessant calls from money collectors and relentless emails about missed payments receded into the background. Something powerful was happening, something transcendent. I felt tethered to a hidden energy source, an indefinable primal force. This connection was like an umbilical cord feeding me with a torrent of inspiration and motivation. I felt the unmistakable tug of momentum pulling me forward. My life’s script was being rewritten, and I was the author. My dialogue with Nick was a revelation, a bonfire that set my latent dreams aflame. Those who watched the attached video would attest to the transformative power of that conversation. It stoked my passion to reclaim my position behind the mic, my rightful place in front of the camera, my stage. Shortly after, I’d discover that Voxels had relaunched video playback on mobile platforms. This meant that GDPTV, my magnum opus, could now reach every corner of the world. Anyone with a handheld device could tune in to our narrative. And there was more. The audio rendition of “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming” was near completion. With every step, I could feel the pace quickening, the velocity intensifying. I was on a warp speed trajectory, leaving behind the trivialities that once ensnared my attention. The days of languishing in inertia, of being a slave to procrastination, are now a relic of the past. My time has come. I am ready.

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