Imtiaz Choudhury (RTV Interview)

In this episode of Roach TV, featuring special guest Imtiaz Choudhury, we discuss: experiences in the music industry, how it’s not conducive to creativity or success, breaking from the industry and pursuing other passions, working at Guitar Center, the decline of Guitar Center, the difficulty of making a career in retail, the importance of creativity and networking, the importance of targeting an audience, how one can be successful without millions of dollars, how the hip-hop industry has become the dominant music industry, how this has led to a decline in the popularity of other genres, the relationship between punk rock and protests, the state of the world and how social media has impacted the way people view protests, the negative effects of the Internet and how it has contributed to depression and suicide, transitioning from the music industry to a successful business career, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and building a good foundation, and how to not be afraid of failure, as failure can be a motivator to chase one’s dreams.

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