GMB #025 ft. Maritza Davila

In this episode of Good Morning Bushwick, featuring special guest NY Assemblywoman Maritza Davila, we discuss: the new production studio, the Harvest Showcase, Bushwick Daily, the quality of recent articles, the recent increase in gun violence in the area, the need for better police accountability, online privacy, lead paint in Bushwick, and how it was a problem in the community, 1977, when the neighborhood burned down, the North Brooklyn Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the importance of empowering women and raising awareness of domestic violence, experience founding the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council and the Bushwick Youth Center, how to get landlords to stop harassing and pushing tenants out of their apartments, regulations and laws related to housing and gentrification, how to get help if you are being harassed or experiencing other housing-related issues, the high levels of marijuana possession and use in Bushwick compared to other areas of the city and the dangers associated with the use of these drugs.

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