In this episode of Good Morning Bushwick, we discuss: how drag-and-drop software can be repetitive and unoriginal, WordPress and open source builders, how someone with knowledge of code can be an advantage in any situation, Ashton Kutcher’s role in the movie “Steve Jobs”, being registered to vote, the “alt-left” and the “anti”, the general consensus among the people, tragedy in Charlottesville, local businesses and artists, the environmental dangers of overusing plastic, the benefits of eating organic foods, the importance of drinking water from sources other than plastic bottles, the dangers of Fukushima radiation, the importance of composting and the benefits of using biodegradable plastics, the problems with toxic waste leaking into the ocean, compostable vs. traditional plastic bags, the issue of greenwashing, prohibiting the use of bags, the complexity of environmental law, the importance of conserving water and how one can reduce water usage in their daily life, and the many different ways one can enjoy a good morning shower.

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