GMB #003 ft. Tobias Weltzer

In this episode of Good Morning Bushwick, featuring special guest Tobias Weltzer, we discuss: his experiences as a musician, how married men should celebrate Valentine’s Day, and how it’s no longer just about being single, the importance of being careful about what they post on social media, the band Freeman, the importance of ticket sales and sponsorship in order to maintain a sustainable career, advice to other artists who are looking to start a career in music, Kanye West’s new album, the band Faroes and Denmark, how technology is making it easier to be a successful musician in 2018, how to fix guitars, the history and negative aspects of carrots, explaining that they were created in the 1800s as a hybrid and are high in sugar and starch and lack electricity, cooking with an open flame, the WWE Network, and the history and culture of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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