In this episode of Bud and Roach Show, featuring special guests Rick Eberle and Yellow Tie Guy, we discuss: battle rap flow, Nelly, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, learning from our mistakes, cybersecurity, the apocalypse will come from a peace deal, Nelson Mandela tribute, “New Slaves”, give it your all and then some, the importance of dressing like a rockstar, the importance of knowing the music industry, how did the name Yellow Tie Guy came about, the value of having a cult following, free mixtapes and bootlegging, the Yankees, Robbie Cano’s decision to go to Seattle, New York Football Giants, Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots, New York Knicks win two in a row, minimum money deals being the way to go, a global awakening to what’s going on, slaves in the system, and more.

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