In this episode of Bud and Roach Show, featuring special guest Natascha Bessez, we discuss: Wake and Bake, how to know if an ID is fake, naming storms and the pope, he said she said, questions that need to be asked, Valentine’s Day sewage tour is back, people that turn a blind eye to atrocities, we can’t text if you can’t spell properly, “Heal”, what a pageant girl really is, traveling the world, singing in different languages, how marketing works, the paternal report vs. the free report, taking away wins from Joe Paterno, the NBA, Golden State/Washington recap, the Antichrist is coming soon, intentions behind the words, Beyonce’s video, openly admitting to selling your soul, “Stairway To Heaven” backward, who owns the earth, is there an elite power in metal, spyware that predicts your movements on Facebook, and more.

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