B&RS #108 (1/8/18)

In this episode of Bud and Roach Show, we discuss: reaction videos, tips for staying warm in cold weather, a demonstration of making a tone generator, a discussion of Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler wrestling, plans for growing and selling medicinal marijuana, a critique of the Trump administration’s policy on marijuana, a shooting involving a black man, a man’s thoughts on people who don’t help themselves, a YouTuber’s disrespect of Japanese culture, the freedoms Americans enjoy compared to people in other parts of the world, the dangers of being detained by the police, a man’s arrest at a courthouse, a new logo for Cheez’s House, a man’s opposition to the U.S. dollar bill, the level of secrecy the government went to in order to find the Federal Reserve Bank, theories surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, Keanu Reeves’ performance in the Matrix, Lavar Ball’s criticism of Luke Walton as a coach for the Lakers, controversies in the NFL, the New York Knicks, Bob Craft, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, the dangers of people who are still in the workforce after they are no longer capable, the story of the Pope, the 2020 elections, the possibility of Jay-Z running for president, and more.

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