In this episode of Bud and Roach Show, featuring special guests Caezar and Todd Wharton, we discuss: the music industry, experiences of veterans, the Marine Corps, the recent scam encountered, predictions about Black Friday, how people are more willing to accept dangerous jobs, the upcoming electrical grid drill, Todd Wharton’s social network for aspiring artists, RAW Artists, Highline Ballroom, Faith Evans and Russell Simmons, the Beastie Boys, experiences with networking, making your music stand out, Fred The Godson, Jojo Pellegrino’s involvement, Eddy Duran’s recent call, the struggles with consistency in music, Rayquan, the importance of mastering one’s craft before attempting to achieve mainstream success, staying true to one’s artistic vision, coping with the death of his friend, the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, its implications on the cannabis industry, the future of marijuana legalization, and more.

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