In this episode of Bud and Roach Show, we discuss: the TV launch, technical difficulties, the good work that the B&RS crew is doing, Silverhawk Studio, the past two years of work, Bill O’Reilly, the current state of the internet, a radio host’s frustration with a supervisor on set, directing and starring in skits, the pros and cons of buying Starbucks products, the release of a mixtape, the effectiveness of side-kicks in soccer, the difficulty in finding a good waiver wire pick for a running back in the NFL, a player’s role as a villain in the NFL, the pros and cons of a Boston Red Sox player having a beard, the negative aspects of the NFL, the lack of loyalty shown by some team owners, how childhood comedians no longer hold their own in adult comedy circles, the idea of positive thinking, how it can help to create a reality based on your thoughts, and more.

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