A Dominating Recovery

To preserve the integrity of the message, below is the exact email sent to me by The Way Out Podcast’s host, Charles LeVoir.

In this rendition of the Way Out I’m extremely excited to bring you my interview with person in long term Recovery and Producer and founder of Global Domination Productions Alex “King Roach” Montanez. Alex has been Recovering Out Loud with his Blog, Dominate the Glob since his Recovery began over a year ago and now he’s Recovering Out Loud with us by sharing his journey to and through recovery to this point with us in a distinctly frank and compelling manner, and in a way that brings in stark relief hallmarks of addiction and alcoholism that are worth highlighting. Of particular import, is the common feature of active addiction that can be described as bargaining with ourselves, which we’ve discussed more than a time or two on this podcast. This is the act of restricting or changing the amount, frequency, type, environment, or manner of the problematic substance or behavior, which and this is key, invariably fails. As important to understand, is that we don’t have to do this with other things we like, but don’t have a problem with. It’s the difference between liking strawberries, and being addicted to alcohol. As instructive in Alex’s story is the manifestation of his Ego and how inextricably linked it was to his alcoholism. As he describes it, and so many of us can relate, alcohol was the key ingredient in perpetuating the persona he felt he needed to maintain, and without it, he was not able to be the person he wanted to be, and alcohol at the same time was destroying Alex and everything he held dear, which led to a crisis that ultimately produced perhaps an unlikely and most definitely an inspiring Recovery. An imperfect recovery that’s a work in progress, but one that is proof positive that Recovery is worth every bit of effort we put in, and this phenomenal interview is worth every minute of your time so do be sure you listen up.


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