30D2R - ft. Tom "Special T" Frazier

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guest Tom “Special T” Frazier, we discuss: WWE, IWW, the importance of crowd noise in stand-up comedy, a proposed wrestling stadium that has been met with criticism from some fans, how to ensure that fans don’t get hurt, first memories watching wrestling, the impact of social media on the wrestling industry, the weekly “Slammer” newspaper that would feature wrestling news, regulations imposed by athletic commissions and to have a doctor on hand in case of emergencies, unionizing and the importance of professional wrestling unions, the obstacles that are in the way of a wrestling union becoming a reality, favorite memories of going to live WWE shows as a child, the challenges of running a wrestling show, obtaining proper licenses and insurance, training offered at the T2T Wrestling Academy, and the 30 Days to Rock initiative, which is a project to help revive the music industry.

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