30D2R - ft. Neil Rosenthal

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guest Neil Rosenthal, we discuss: his dislike for coffee, how caffeine affects people, the process of cleaning guns and coffee machines, the corruption in the music industry, his experience with trolling and the performance of his album “Chronic”, eating 150 bucks worth of weed on a metro ride in Brooklyn, the benefits of smoking weed, the history and failure of the war on drugs and how it needs to be changed at the federal level, the death of comedian Paul Mooney, his time on “Chappelle’s Show”, despising comedians Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the season finale of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, Kamala Harris’ disproportionate number of marijuana arrests as a prosecutor, the negative effects of the drug war on society, how current hip-hop music glorifies drug use, competitive fencing, mixed martial artist, playing trumpet, the importance of melody and harmony, how performing live has been difficult at times, as it’s difficult to coordinate music with other people, the effects of social distancing on those affected by the pandemic, how some people are “overdoing” the lifestyle of not wearing masks or taking precautions to avoid catching the flu, taking an EMT class with Biggie, an athlete’s fantasy of winning a division in the sports league they are in, and working a Black Friday shift.

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