30D2R - ft. Nacrotic Society

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guests Nacrotic Society, we discuss: the band, music, and the production value behind their live shows, screaming at rocks, experiences as a drummer who started playing late in life, the importance of good hearing protection, being a nurse, working tirelessly to save patients during COVID, reptilian people being behind a number of conspiracies, the level of ignorance and misinformation that exists amongst the public, the cancelation of “Sonic the Hedgehog” by Sega causing a reworking of the character’s design, Jaleel White being dropped from the voice cast, using correct grammar, law enforcement using unmarked cars, good vegan restaurants, Michael Douglas’s throat cancer, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the dangers of interacting with animals being kept in captivity, public stupidity, the use of the phrase “rest in power,” and the difficulties of having deep meaning in music in the age of streaming services and social media.

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