30D2R - ft. Lindsay Marie

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guest Lindsay Marie, we discuss: David Letterman, Jon Blok and the current administration’s impact on the MTA, a recent meme, the entertainment industry’s “dark side.”, experiences with the MTA, Lindsay’s high school years, her experiences with video games, her career as a chef in different restaurants across the United States, New York City restaurant culture vs New Orleans restaurant culture, studying cooking at a top culinary school, experiences working in a French restaurant as a front of house manager, being a bartender, the differences between bartending in New York City and in Florida, being stung by a wasp, the 30 Days to Rock initiative providing a safe environment for artists to create, food trucks as a new way for businesses to remain open, New Orleans after the storm, her plans to create a cookbook and making grandma’s cheesecake correctly.

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