30D2R - ft. Kenny Nuñez

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guest Kenny Nuñez, we discuss: Kenny Nuñez’s personal experiences, the political climate and events of the 2020 presidential election and aftermath, conspiracy theories, the challenges and rewards of working in live theater, how the political spectrum is separated into different camps, how social media extremists are using this to their advantage, the process of preparing a show for performance, the physical and emotional toll it can take on actors and crew, the experience of touring and the opportunity to connect with his brother, the 2016 U.S presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the 65 million dollar donation Hillary Clinton received in November, fantasy sports, the impact of coronavirus on daily life, the news about Kanye West conceding the election, spirituality and religion, the concept of race, the effect of bye weeks on fantasy sports, how the virus has changed people’s behavior, how religion is often used to control and manipulate people, how empathy can help people understand other’s perspectives, and voter fraud.

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