30D2R - ft. Big Zo and Mike Vella

In this episode of 30 Days To Rock, featuring special guests Big Zo and Mike Vella, we discuss: the impact of the pandemic on the streets, the availability of a video game sequel, Shenmue, which was only available in Japan, gaming on Dreamcast and PlayStation, hacking consoles, the legality of emulators and ROMs, the potential for access to public information leading to dangerous consequences, how social media platforms are becoming more complicated with too many unanswered questions, experiences with drugs and alcohol, the current state of the NBA, the 30-day doping suspension, the controversy surrounding baseball player A-Rod’s steroid use and subsequent career decline, bad fantasy football performances, how taxes can affect the poor, the process of creating videos, how 48 Laws Of Power and 33 Strategies Of War were not properly applied and backfired, Young Jack Thriller, the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success in any field, the importance of being realistic about one’s chances of success, gentrification in New York City, plans to purchase a home and how they managed to make money when they were starting out in their careers.

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